PMPM: Build a Bridge of Communication and Approach the Deep Heart of Consumers

GMV of PMPM surpassed $46 million on its first anniversary of launch. It outpaced a large number of Chinese skincare brands in growth in its first year of founding. Its GMV in Q1 2021 surpassed the GMV of last year.

In an era where emotional resonance creates productivity, the logic of consumption brands no longer starts with categories or products but with human insights that resonate with consumers. In this regard, PMPM, an up-and-coming Chinese skincare brand with a spirit of discovery at its core, is a model. According to data, the GMV of PMPM in its first year exceeded $46 million, outpacing a large number of Chinese skincare brands in its first year of operation. Its GMV in Q1 this year even surpassed that of last year.

PMPM also launched a series of “mindful” activities on the occasion of its 1st anniversary, such as its live streaming the magnificent scenery of the Brittany coast instead of promoting products. It brings distant land to consumers and pries the minds of users establishing the best demonstration of empathy between consumer brands and users in the new era. In the analysis of 20000 pieces, nearly 30% of them are related to brand spirit with high-frequency words such as “love”, “considerable” and “distant land”. Consumers’ emotional affiliation has become the most unique core asset of the brand and also the value expression of the brand.

The spirit of discovery resonates, and product strength triggers the purchase

The PMPM founding team, Shanshuo, and Wen left P&G on a global journey based on this authentic experience. With the spirit of discovery at its core, the PMPM brand was born.

PMPM is a brand name derived from the French word Pour le Monde Pour le Monde, meaning “to go to the world, to explore the world”. Through its unique brand language and superior products, PMPM hopes to establish a consistent spiritual outlook with consumers and encourage people to discover and explore the beauty of the world. In its first anniversary, the brand has already explored the grasslands of Madagascar, the Bulgarian Valley of Flowers, and the forests of Piedmont with its consumers. While it also brought back the magical natural ingredients of the region.

PMPM’s original “X+Y+Z” formula spans the fields of scientific formulations and natural ingredients to create a comprehensive and effective skincare strength. It works with internationally renowned ingredient companies to develop custom ingredients. For example, PMPM Tuber Magnatum is co-created with Ashland, which is based on genomics technology to extract the target active fragments to ensure the efficacy of the ingredients. PMPM also has its own laboratory, which brings together a number of outstanding formulators in China and a world-class chief scientist in command. It is committed to compound star scientific ingredients with natural ingredients found around the world complemented by cutting-edge technology to create effective formulations and the ultimate skincare experience. It is understood that PMPM has successfully created many popular products such as “Sea Fennel Loctobionic Acid Moisturizing Essence Lotion”, “Tuber Magnatum Mask” and “Rose Black Tea Essence Oil” with a rate of popularity product more than 50%.

Not just selling goods but bringing back a sense of beauty and hope from afar

PMPM is a warm brand that brings distant land to consumers to make them feel a greater sense of beauty and hope in their lives. A special spirit that the brand represents, ultimately reflecting who the consumer themselves are and what they want to be.

This summer on the occasion of PMPM’s first anniversary, it explored the Brittany coast with a new and updated brand vision and products It launched a brand campaign with the theme of “There’s no place too far to go” bringing the distant Brittany coast to Chinese consumers.

While other brands were immersed in the hullabaloo of live-streaming for sale. On May 16, PMPM was live-streaming a sea. In Tmall, TikTok, WeChat, Bilibili, and other Chinese social media platforms, it broadcast a day of the Brittany coast 9000 km away to Chinese consumers. Everyone can see the coast from sunrise to sunset in real-time and feel the surprise of the sea breeze blowing and the waves lapping at their faces. PMPM also brought the core natural ingredient “sea fennel” of the Brittany series to the live stream. Its original design carries out the brand’s spirit of “exploration” and resonates with the majority of consumers.

Insight into the path of brand growth in a market of red ocean

There is no shortage of products or brands in the Chinese cosmetics market. How find your own unique positioning in such a red ocean market is a challenge that most brands encounter.

PMPM’s unique concept of “global exploration”, a strong product development team, and experimentation system. Although PMPM is still young, its unique positioning and complemented by brand power and product power, it achieved rapid growth. In March 2020, the brand was established. Its GMV reached nearly $2.331 million monthly in less than six months through all online channels. On its first anniversary, GMV exceeded $46 million and the growth rate in the first year of its launch exceeded a large number of Chinese skincare brands. Its GMV surpassed the whole year of last year in 1 quarter of 2021.

For consumers, PMPM is also like a light and a window that opens a new way of understanding themselves and the world. Some consumers have said that they were inspired by PMPM to get their first passport and more consumers have changed their views on Chinese cosmetics through PMPM.

PMPM constantly moves from Africa to Europe and explores deeply into the jungle, polar regions, and oceans to enrich brand and product power. Only by mastering the thoughts and concerns of the brand’s targeted audience, triggering emotional resonance with content that hits the soul, and solving functional needs with products that are proven to be effective, we can stand out from the thousands of brands.

Building a sustainable global flow of plant-based raw materials

Recently, PMPM was also invited as a corporate representative to attend the NGO Parallel Forum at the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. As a recently established beauty and skincare brand, PMPM was recognized by the Conference for its industry-leading technology of exclusive botanical ingredient extraction and sustainable brand concept. It was invited to share its industry experience in promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable development at the Conference.

At the conference, PMPM founder Shan Shuo, as a representative of the Sustainable Development Committee of China Wild Plant Protection Association, focused on the theme of “exploring the relationship between innovative scientific research applications of plants and ecological protection on a global range” and used PMPM’s experience as an example to discuss how beauty companies can play a role in bridging the sustainable development of high-quality plant raw materials in China from the perspective of international scientific research results. In the new development stage, beauty companies should play the role of a bridge to build a sustainable flow of global botanical raw materials.

With the concept of “exploring the world and bringing back skin energy”, PMPM focuses on the discovery of natural ingredients in worldwide. Through cooperation with top global research and development institutions, it achieves targeted and precise extraction of natural ingredients to help protect the ecology of raw materials while promoting the sustainable development of the local green economy. In a short period of time, PMPM has not only shown its strong product strength to gain consumer loyalty but also conveyed to consumers the global vision of Chinese new and prominent brand and the continuous upgrading of scientific innovation, which has taken an international road of protection and development hand in hand.



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