PRAMY Made High-Quality Chinese Setting Spray to Occupy the Market

In previous years, the Chinese setting sprays market was still dominated by international brands such as Innisfree and Givenchy. But nowadays, excellent Chinese brands are emerging frequently and their competitiveness is rapidly increasing. The Chinese setting sprays market is on the rise. PRAMY has ranked first in year-on-year growth of consumers attention in the last year in such a trend.

Nowadays, the normalization of the pandemic has made masks a necessity for people in daily life. After wearing makeup for a long time, it is easy to cause the face to sweat and oil resulting in damaged makeup, dryness, and stuck lines. The tips to make the long-wearing coverage but not dry, take off the mask without taking off makeup become the most concerned topic of many women who love beauty. In addition to choosing the right base makeup products, it is especially important to set the makeup well.

With the increasing penetration of the setting spray market in China, the pattern of setting spray categories has also changed. In addition to the two categories of loose powder and setting spray, sub-categories such as eyebrow setting and eye primer have also gradually emerged and are beginning to gain consumer attention.

The growing share of setting sprays in China is now rising from 7.1% in 2018 to 17.8% in 2020. It also reflects consumers pursuit of this emerging category. In terms of consumer feedback on setting sprays, its effect is the perspective they are most concerned about, followed by experience. As of July 2021, the concentration of consumers on setting power has grown by 36% year-on-year.

In previous years, the Chinese setting sprays market was still dominated by international brands such as Innisfree and Givenchy. But nowadays, excellent Chinese brands are emerging frequently and their competitiveness is rapidly increasing. The Chinese setting spray market is on the rise. It is worth noting that PRAMY has ranked first in year-on-year growth of consumers’ attention in the last year in such a trend.

It is understood that when PRAMY first ventured into the field of setting sprays, the field was still “unknown” in China. Small categories of setting sprays almost have no brands to explore in depth. PRAMY, with its excellent product strength and market acumen, focuses on the field of setting sprays. In this market environment, the brand launched its first makeup setting sprays, which became a hot-selling product as soon as it was launched, with monthly sales of 1.18 million + and total sales of 9.98 million +. It not only ranked top in the category of setting sprays for 3 consecutive years but also set a sales record of selling 1 bottle every 10 seconds.

The launch of the moisturizing setting sprays achieved a breakthrough in the field of makeup fixing from 0 to 1. It also brought consumers a new experience in setting sprays. The launch of the Flawless Silk Loose Powder also brought total sales of 6 million bottles in only 6 months after the launch of the product due to its extreme cost-performance and strong power of quality.

Research, development, and innovation are the foundation of the setting sprays market. As a professional makeup brand that has been working in the field of setting sprays for many years, PRAMY has summed up its own methodology in the difficult challenges once again: starting from the source of the product, taking the consumer’s pain point as its entry point and putting the diversified setting needs into practice through innovative research and development.

Why do the products of PRAMY become hot-selling when they are launched? The fundamental reason is that PRAMY is constantly exploring and adapting the ingredient formulas, package structures, and production processes that best meet the needs of consumers and bring them the ultimate setting spray experience.

For a setting spray, consumers are generally concerned about four dimensions including its setting power, experience, efficacy, and makeup effect. Whether to add film forming technology directly advantage the setting effect of the setting spray makeup.

However, the film forming technology is not the only factor that affects the setting spray. PRAMY is the first to consider that, the professionalism of the pump head also directly affects the final setting effect of the setting spray in addition to the film forming technology.

Considering the impact of film forming technology and pump head technology on the setting effect, PRAMY moisturizing setting sprays are the first to use “high-quality dual-core compounding film forming technology + professional pump head” to set makeup, which brings a substantial breakthrough for the set effect and experience and is favored by consumers.

As the level of consumption increases, consumers are less sensitive to price and instead demand more about the products themselves. Among the concerns of setting products, setting power and safety are growing more significantly year-on-year, which means that only by continuously improving the effectiveness and experience of products can a brand truly win consumers.

It is understood that the setting spray on the market generally uses only a single film forming technology while PRAMY moisturizing setting spray applies SYNTRAN® PC5778 and VP/VA copolymer dual-core film-forming compound, which can quickly form a transparent non-sticky and be resistant from water and oil so that the setting effect is more durable. At the same time, a pump head with micron-sized pores and suitable strength has been custom-developed. It was repeatedly adjusted the pore size, suitable pressure, and suitable angle to further optimize the spray fineness, spray uniformity, and suitable pressure strength. It applies a hot-press aseptic sealing process and synergy with other ingredients in order to ensure the final setting effect.

In the makeup market today, a “fancy” marketing approach can indeed attract a lot of traffic, especially for lipstick, eye shadow such as color makeup is particularly suitable. But in the field of higher professionalism for the setting spray, the situation is different. These products tend to pay more attention to the actual effect and not so much to “freshness”. So consumers are more demanding of the product and tolerance is also lower. If a brand wants to win the hearts and minds of consumers through the product, the product can really withstand the test of time is more important compared to the frequent launch of new products.

Unlike the “short, affordable, fast” method of the star brands on the market, PRAMY pursues the ultimate in each product from the formula to the small package material. It constantly strives in the detail to find a substantial solution to set the makeup so as to extend the life cycle of the product and create real and good long-term products.



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