The Chinese Beauty Brand UNNY CLUB GMV Top $470 Million

On 8 April, UNNY CLUB released a new product “UNNY CLUB MOISTURE NOURISHING FOUNDATION”, known as “OUTERMOST LAYER OF SKIN AFFECTION”, which is free from taking off makeup, making skins oxidize and creating acnes. There are three shades of this liquid foundation. It is currently on sale in the official flagship store of UNNY CLUB on Tmall. The price is $11 to $16.

It is understood that this new makeup foundation is an upgraded version of the “UNNY CLUB MATTE SMOOTH PRESSED POWDER”, which claims to be long-lasting for 12 hours and contains the antioxidant factor L-Carnosine. It can be durable and not oxidized, suitable for oily skins.

UNNY CLUB is a brand of PELEY. Founded in 2010, PELEY is a new generation of cosmetics brand management group that “empowers the integration of multi-brand R&D and operation”. In the past 10 years since its establishment, PELEY has successively created 15 major brands, including UNNY CLUB and RNW, which have a GMV of more than $471 million, covering four major areas of makeup, skincare, personal care, and fragrance, with the sales revenue of more than $314 million in 2020.

According to the official website of UNNY CLUB, it was founded in 2014 and is a minimalist natural beauty brand in China. With minimalism as the design concept, it specializes in skin science for Chinese women and creates three series of products like makeup, washing, and skincare by using the brand concept of “simple and pure”.

It is understood that UNNY CLUB’s makeup has several categories such as base makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, etc. Skincare products cover masks, toner and lotion, sunscreen, and other categories. In addition, makeup sponges, powder puffs, and other beauty tools are included as well.

The brand’s star product is sunscreen, and UNNY CLUB’s sunscreen is divided into two versions for combination skin: “MY FAIR MOIST SUN LOTION” and “UNNY CLUB RELIEF WHITENING SUN CREAM”. Its sunscreen products have exceeded 100,000 monthly sales volume in the Tmall flagship store, a mainstream e-commerce platform in China. Zhu Zhengting, a Chinese idol, is the spokesperson for sunscreen products in UNNY CLUB in Asia areas, and Zhengting has nearly 24 million followers on mainstream social platforms in China.

In addition to sunscreen products, its facial cleanser, powder, eye shadow, lipstick, nose stickers and other products have also crazed on the Pinduoduo platform, and the sales of a single link have exceeded 100,000 pieces.

In 2020, under the influence of the COVID-19, UNNY CLUB also gained a total of more than $390 million of GMV for the whole year, an increase of more than 50% year-on-year, which successfully topped the sales of the new categories such as eyeliner, liquid eyeshadow, eyebrow powder and concealer. Among them, eyeliner and concealer have remained the second place for many years and liquid eyeshadow has rushed to first place in the category. As of now, UNNY CLUB has 8 single categories entering the top 10 of the whole online industry, continuing to consolidate its position as the largest brand in the field of distribution and beauty on Taobao.

In the offline market, UNNY CLUB has reached strategic cooperation with cutting-edge beauty collection stores such as KK Group and SanFU, which is regarded as an official offline channel to jointly help UNNY CLUB become the top brand in sales. UNNY CLUB pioneers the model of “buying its goods and delivering complementary products” and also supports the transformation and upgrading of the national CS top 100 small makeup brands joining. As of November 2020, its offline GMV has exceeded $47.1 million.

These shining achievements are from UNNY CLUB’s multi-category, multi-channel, and strong supply chain. It is understood that each product of UNNY CLUB will pass over 3,000 experiments and over 90 raw material tests before being launched. Due to the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 on overseas supply chains in 2020, it shifted its overseas supply chains to China.

At present, its production of products in China accounted for more than 40%. In order to pursue product quality and safety, UNNY CLUB has also specially adopted the method of importing raw materials into the domestic filling. This localization also greatly improves the efficiency of shipments and the circulation speed of distribution. At present, UNNY CLUB’s supply chain has covered other countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and Australia.

In March 2021, UNNY CLUB entered China’s mainstream live streaming platform Kwai. During the six months of operation, UNNY CLUB’s eyeliner, liquid eyeshadow, sunscreen, eyebrow powder, makeup remover, and other products have entered the live broadcast room of a number of hot live streamers through strict selection standards and processes. The volumes and sales of UNNY CLUB’s products continue to go up, of which essential oil cleansing makeup remover was sold up to 230,000 pieces in 3 months. In September 2021, UNNY CLUB won the award of “2021 Kwai Beauty Quality Brand”.



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