The Chinese Skincare brand HEPROA Financed Tens of Millions

Dermatological-grade skincare brand HEPROA completed nearly 10 million Pre-A round of financing, and the investor is Mingfeng Investment. This round of funds will be used for brand upgrading, team building, and channel expansion.

HEPROA is a dermatological skincare brand and the parent company is Shenzhen Haichuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The founders are Liu Zhigang, the former vice dean of SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER, and Wang Zhiyao, PhD in immunology from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the chairman of the Asia-Pacific Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The brand adheres to the new concept of microecological research and skincare, based on skin allergic reactions and immunological research. It provides a sophisticated, effective, and safe skincare solution for skin microecological imbalances such as ageing and damaged barriers through continuous refinement of active ingredients.

The founding team of HEPROA has been equipped with over 20 years of experience in the research and development of functional skincare products, functional foods, probiotics, and drugs. HEPROA has published hundreds of scientific research papers in many international journals. Previously, it has been providing professional formula research for the more famous skincare foundries in China, and at the same time providing scientific research support for many listed pharmaceutical companies.

Relying on the strong scientific research strength of the University of Oxford and Shenzhen University, HEPROA has established the HEPROA-Shenzhen University Joint Laboratory, jointly conducting more than 5,000 active ingredient and skincare science experiments, publishing more than 100 related SCI papers, and submitting more than 30 exclusive invention patents.

The brand’s core patented ingredient is HEPRO-6A™. HEPROA claims that HEPRO-6A™ is a highly effective patented skincare ingredient extracted from more than 200 strains of probiotics, nearly 1,000 kinds of prebiotics, and more than 300 kinds of natural plants through activity tracking and high-throughput screening methods, which can effectively promote the proliferation of fibroblasts and stratum corneal cells, strengthen the skin microecological barrier, promote type I collagen synthesis, give the skin better firmness and enhance the skin barrier function. At the same time, HEPRO-6A™ can effectively inhibit the excessive secretion of inflammatory factors and oxidation factors induced by harmful substances, alleviate the damage of the stratum corneum of the skin and delay ageing, and thereby six exclusive invention patents have been submitted.

According to HEPROA, each product of the brand has been evaluated by cell and animal experiments and all finished products have passed the efficacy test of authoritative third-party clinical clinics for at least 2 months.

HEPROA’s biggest advantage lies in independent research and development, automatic control of the supply chain not relying on ODM research and development and procurement, strict selection of upstream factories for in-depth cooperation, the use of functional raw materials are directly supplied by the world’s top raw material companies and evaluated by the efficacy activity of HEPROA laboratory, so as to ensure that each product of HEPROA is safe and effective.

The brand’s star product is the DR series, which has been listed for less than a year, and the HEPROA has reached a high score of 4.98 (out of 5 points) on the Taobao store and a repurchase rate of 42.6%.

Its star item is the “LET BEAUTY HAPPEN NATURALLY”, the highest-selling product in the DR cosmetics flagship store on Tmall, priced at $47. As of April 13, the monthly sales volume is over 1000. The overall score of the DR cosmetics flagship store on Tmall reached 4.9 points (out of 5 points), and the price of the product was $11 to $47.

HEPROA revealed that the new upgraded product will be launched in April this year, with the “shiguangzhui” (Light cone) as the inspiration for the exclusive design of the mould bottle body, unique in the dermatological skincare industry, featuring a distinctive brand. The high-grade semi-transparent bottle with a bare gold screw cap and a matte texture perfectly match the brand for the anti-ageing group.

In the next three years, HEPROA will also establish a large database of human microecology to prepare for private customized skin and intestinal microecology products. HEPROA has completed the layout in the research and development of new raw materials for skincare products and is expected to complete the application for new cosmetic raw materials such as anti-ageing in two to three years.



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