TOM FORD Chose Guangzhou, China to its Largest Beauty Boutique to Extend Chinese Market

TOM FORD has performed well in the Chinese market over the past few years with lipstick and perfume products continuing to be popular among Chinese consumers. In August 2020, the largest beauty boutique of TOM FORD in the world officially landed in Guangzhou, China, which is currently the brand's largest beauty boutique in the world.

In the industry of makeup, TF can be said so famous that everyone knows. As a leading brand in the makeup industry, TF has gained countless loyal users and fans although it has not been established for a long time, which shows that Tom Ford has its own unique insights on the grasp of cosmetics and the preferences of consumer groups.

It is safe to say that every girl wants to own a TF lipstick or lip glaze and this is what TF has captured the most crucial point for Chinese consumers – the edgy design that appeals to women. For lipsticks, the two most important factors are the color of the lipstick and the shape of its design.

Keeping these two important elements in mind, Tom Ford has developed the lipstick shades to the extreme. They create a lot of different colors for consumers to choose from. At the same time, he has designed the appearance of lipsticks in a unique way in order to further capture the hearts of young girls with different collections of lipsticks matching different packaging designs.

In 2014, Tom Ford launched a series of limited edition lipsticks called “Lips&Boys”, a set of 50. Each shade of them is unique and named after a boy. Tom Ford said these 50 boys matter in his life and he understands the subtle psychology of women. Then it follows up with 25 lipsticks such as Collin and Holden, which became permanent shades. On Chinese social media, the collection is known as “The Charming Who Can’t Get It”. It is updated every year, making women going after it.

In July 2015, Estee Lauder Group officially introduced Tom Ford Makeup to the Chinese market. Tom Ford first created cosmetics products in 2005 and made a major entry into the segment in 2012 with a full suite of makeup and skin care products. First counter of Tom Ford Makeup in China was opened in Beijing with a product line that includes makeup, skincare and fragrances.

Tom Ford enjoys much higher price compared with other international brand and only opened counters in high-end mall in first-tier city in China. In the most people’s perspective, Tom Ford is an international brand that is not easy to get. Before that, Tom Ford didn’t even have an official website in China. Under the brand development law of “China enjoys the main market worldwide and e-commerce is the mainstream in China”, it has become inevitable for international beauty brands to develop e-commerce channels in China.

On April 25, 2019, TOM FORD Beauty Tmall flagship store was grandly launched and it opened an era of luxury beauty. To help with its entry into Tmall, the brand joining hands with Tmall to win the high luxury beauty market has brought exclusive limited edition and premiere products especially for Chinese consumers.

It is reported that for the opening of the Tmall flagship store, the brand has also launched a limited edition product gift box as well as a lipstick with exclusive custom packaging specifically for the Chinese market priority for sale in the online store. In addition, the hot-selling products of TOM FORD from the past few years, such as lipstick and private series fragrances, will also be available in the Tmall flagship store.

It entered China in 2015 and opened its flagship store in 2019. Why would this brand choose to open a flagship store in Tmall at this time point after 4 years in China? Some Chinese cosmetics industry analysts point to the success stories of major international beauty brands in Tmall as the biggest driving factor. In the past year, high-end international brands such as YSL, Armani and Givenchy led the beauty group in terms of revenue and profits. With the rise of consumption power in lower tier cities in China, the market in 3-5 tier cities which are difficult for luxury goods to cover before also won huge increments because of the presence of e-commerce.

In its second year in Tmall, TOM FORD’s Tmall Super Brand Day officially kicked off on May 11, 2020. The event helped sales of TOM FORD perfume grew by 1000% year-on-year and eye shadow by 160% year-on-year. Both high-end perfume and high-end eye shadow ranked NO.1 in their respective categories on the day of the event.

In August 2020, the largest beauty boutique of TOM FORD in the world officially landed in Guangzhou, China, which is currently the brand’s largest beauty boutique in the world.

In addition, compared to channels such as the online Tmall flagship store, the offline beauty store also has a more complete range of goods. For example, TF launched new products such as Lip Color Sheer series, Shade And Illuminating Foundation engraving service, as well as the brand’s newest, most popular and exclusive beauty products available for sale. All of them can all debut in their store.

TOM FORD has performed well in the Chinese market over the past few years with lipstick and perfume products continuing to be popular among Chinese consumers. Since 2018, the brand has been making a push into the Chinese market. Its first beauty boutique in China having settled in Shanghai in the same year. The opening of the world’s largest beauty boutique in China by Tom Ford will not only further expand the influence of brand in China, but also better meet consumers’ diversified needs.



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