Two Keys for Whoo’s Growth in China: Live Streaming + Gift Box

The gift box are more closely related to brand values than the single product that is inclined to self-use which is the key for the rapid growth of sales of WHOO.

During the Tmall Double 11 – Chinese Shopping Festival in 2020, a surprise was witnessed in the list of Tmall beauty. Estee Lauder won the first, followed by Lancome and L’Oreal, which was all to be expected. Yet fourth place went to Whoo which was a big surprise, with OLAY only coming after it. With a deep impression of Korean makeup, memory of Whoo has long disappeared from their view for years with the ebb of the “Korean Fad”.

In 2020, however, the Korean brand, which focuses on the mid-to-high-end skincare market, frequently appeared in the lists of Tmall Double 11 and 618 beauty Top 10. In the same year, Whoo’s “Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Set” became the first single product ever to break $155 million in GMV.

At 0:00 on October 21, 2020, Whoo, a high-end luxury skin care product in South Korea from a subsidiary of LG Household & Health, officially opened the 2020 Tmall “Double 11” pre-sale. Only 2 minutes after the opening of the pre-sale, pre-sale in Whoo’s Tmall flagship store broke $0.15 billion. In 11 minutes, pre-sale of Whoo’s Tmall flagship store exceeded $0.79 billion, which exceeded the whole-day sale of “Double 11” in 2019. And the pre-sale of its best seller, Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Set, exceeded $77 million in only 14 minutes, becoming the first single product that exceeded $77 million in beauty category in “Double 11” shopping festival in 2020.

On the second day of the 2020 Double 11 pre-sale, beauty and skincare agency operator Lily & Beauty shared a set of data: the Tmall flagship store of Whoo received pre-sale orders over $108 million on the day with a growth rate of 243%. Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Set became the TOP 1 facial care skincare kit on Tmall which were sold 420,000 sets.

The reason that Whoo spread over the Chinese market in the past two years was neither the launch of a certain hot selling new products, nor the signing of a certain famous celebrity but to catch up with the trend of Chinese live stream.

In 2019, Whoo made partnership with Top Chinese live streamer Viya. In the same year, this Korean makeup brand return to the Top 10 of beauty charts in the e-commerce festival. During Double 11, Chinese Shopping Festival on November 11st, Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Box of Whoo reached $38 million in Tmall, the sales in live stream of Veya contributing more than 50% of the total.

Being aware of the benefits of the live stream, Whoo has even doubled its investment in signing up live streamers to hawk its products during the Double Eleven in 2020. According to data of ECdataway, Whoo has signed up over 130 live streamers to hawk its goods during the pre-sale of 2020 Double Eleven and its products were appeared in more than 300 live broadcasts. During the pre-sale period, more than 80% sales of its turnover was led by live streamers.

In terms of selection in live streamers, Whoo has invested much in partnerships with first-and-second-tier live streamers. More than half of them boasts large followers and good traffic such as Viya. The live broadcast of Viya on the night of October 20, 2020 contributed more than 70% of the pre-sales for Whoo in sales of that day. Whoo’s sales figures in China performed very well due to it caught the trend of live streaming.

In addition to the live streaming, Whoo is positioned very differently from other international brands in that it focuses on kit. The best way to give a gift is with a Whoo skincare set, which enjoys a good looking package, very cost-effective and affordable. Whoo skincare sets sell very well and the precise position of the gift utility is evident to all. As of October 8, 2021, 7, 7 of the top 10 sales links are sets in the Whoo Tmall official flagship.

Unlike the hot-selling strategy of famous brands like Lancôme and Estee Lauder, Whoo’s main product strategy is very clear – the set. That leaves plenty of room for its imagination by buying with discounts in the sale. For example, in the promotion of 2020, Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Box, which frequently appears in the live broadcast of famous live streamer, is priced at 1,390 yuan with plenty of giveaways including Radiant Rejuvenating 6-piece set, 3 boxes of Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate Serum 3-piece set and a cleansing two-piece set, which is equivalent to a 30% discount.Radiant Rejuvenating Gift Box is more closely related to the brand value than the single product that is inclined to self-use, which has become the key for the rapid growth of the sales of Whoo.



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