China Cosmetics Trends Report 2023 Q2

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By Chaileedo Research  MAY 19, 2023, 12:00 AM

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The Chinese cosmetics market is set for a resurgence, with several trends highlighted in the “China Cosmetics Trend Report (Second Quarter 2023)” conducted by Chaileedo Research. Despite a slow start to the year with declines in promotion and import amounts, the beauty market in Q1 2023 stands at 222.144 billion yuan, growing by 7.95% YoY. This was led by domestic brands, despite the challenges faced by major e-commerce platforms like Tmall and

Five key trends were identified for the beauty market’s recovery:

Increased R&D investment: Many companies are investing heavily in R&D, reaping benefits in the form of improved product sales. The Bettany Group and Shanghai Jahwa United are cited as examples of companies benefiting from R&D efforts.

Policy incentives for French cosmetics: With a joint statement from China and France indicating fair competition for cosmetic businesses, French cosmetics are anticipated to see significant growth.

The rise of the “Morning P, Night R” regimen: With the need for sensitive skin-friendly and anti-aging benefits, this new skincare routine is predicted to surge, attracting brands like Herborist and Yuze.

Adoption of the “Metaverse”: International brands like Givenchy and Clinique have already launched Metaverse products, and Chinese companies are following suit. Brands are leveraging virtual characters, anticipating a potential Metaverse market size of 126.35 billion yuan by 2027.

Enhanced sun protection and anti-photoaging: Consumer demand for advanced sunscreen products, particularly those with anti-photoaging properties, is intensifying.

Interestingly, investment in the cosmetics industry has slowed down as investors wait for more promising brands. The sectors that still attract substantial investment are medical aesthetics and raw material-related enterprises. Synthetic biology, in particular, is a popular choice for investment.

Overall, the Chinese cosmetics market is adopting a more cautious stance, but gradual recovery is expected. Brands investing in technology, patented technologies, and exclusive ingredients are positioned to break through the market.

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  • 1. The top 10 global cosmetics companies for 2022 have been announced, and the top three positions are essentially set.

  • 2. The report identifies three trends in the cosmetics market: the start of an R&D arms race, increased investment by foreign companies in the Chinese market, and strong demand for talent within the L’Oreal group.

  • 3. The report discusses how government policies are affecting the beauty industry in China, including new regulations on product safety and labeling.

  • 4. The report highlights new marketing strategies being used by top cosmetics companies, such as influencer marketing and personalized product recommendations.

  • 5. The report predicts that natural and organic products will continue to be a major trend in the cosmetics industry, driven by consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

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  • 1. Sales situation of cosmetics market in China

  • 2. Government policies affecting the beauty industry in China

  • 3. Capital dynamics and investment trends in the cosmetics market

  • 4. Top enterprise dynamics and marketing strategies used by leading cosmetics companies

  • 5. New trends predicted for the second quarter of 2023, including natural and organic products, R&D arms race, and increased investment by foreign companies in the Chinese market.



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