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Do you know that the market scale for eye cream is the largest in China?

More than 70% of women will maintain the habit of purchasing and using eye care products

Content of the Report

Chap.1 Eye Care Market
  1. Definition and Classification of Eye Care Products

  2. Analysis on Efficacy and Ingredients of Eye Care

  3. Market Size of Eye Care

Chap. 2 Recent Trends
  1. Percentageof Recorded EyeCareProductsamong Cosmetics

  2. Search Trends Online

Chap. 3 Insight the Trend of Consumer Market
  1. Consumption among categories Online

  2. Sales among Offline Channels

  3. Analysis on Hit Eye Care Products

Chap. 4 Consumer Demand and Consumer Buying Behavior
  1. Consumer Demand and Consumer Buying Behavior

  2. The popularity of EyeCare Needs to be Spread

  3. Removing Dark Circles is the Main Demand of EyeCare and the Difference in Efficacy Preference of Different Groups is Obvious

  4. Efficacy and Ingredients are the Main Factors of Buying and Chinese Brands Increases Obviously

  5.  Consumer Opinions and Suggestions

Chap 5. Future Development of Eye Care
  1. “ALL IN ONE” to Meet the Multiple Demand and Provide New Innovation for Eye Care Brands

  2. Eye Care Changes to Delicacy Categories and Crowds

  3. Focus on Ingredients and R&D Using the Power of Science to Enhance Brand Strength

  4. Release Eye Care Market Potential by Promotion for Increasing Brand’s Revenue

China's eye care market size to maintain a steady growth trend

The report shows that the demand for anti-aging and lightening dark circles among young people is gradually increasing, driving the market scale of China's eye care products industry to grow from 11.68 billion yuan in 2014 to 31.18 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 15.1%. As eye care products become more refined and specialized, the frequency of use by consumers and the repurchase rate rise, promoting the eye care market size to maintain a steady growth trend and is expected to exceed 39.04 billion yuan by 2023.

The report also shows that more than 70% of women will maintain the habit of purchasing and using eye care products. And nearly 50% of consumers prefer to buy eye care products in the range of 200-300 yuan. Lightening dark circles is the main demand for consumers' eye care......

The Market scale for eye cream is the largest

The report shows that in terms of product form, eye care products are mainly divided into four categories: eye cream, eye essence, eye mask, and eye gel, and can be functionally divided into moisturizing, firming, anti-aging and anti-allergy types.

In the past year, the eye cream market was the largest and most mature of the major eye care categories, reaching 73% of the turnover, and has maintained a relatively stable growth trend.

High-end lines market are occupied by international brands

The report indicates that the Tmall/Taobao and the Tikyok China platform are dominated by sales of Chinese eye care products, while the JD platform is occupied by overseas brands. In terms of categories, eye cream, eye essence, and eye mask all made the list, and the market maturity of eye cream is much higher than other categories, and as for price, the high-end line of the eye care market is mainly occupied by Estee Lauder, Lancome, and L'Oreal.

The competitive pattern of the eye care market in the past year is similar to the previous and there are also breakthroughs. The similarity lies in the fact that the top brands are still firmly dominated by the 3 giants of Estee Lauder, Lancome, and L'Oreal, and the Chinese old-school brand Marubi and the newcomer UNISKIN, which stood out last year, still maintain their strengths. The difference is that in the first quarter of 2022 the eye care industry CR10 (the sum of the market share of the top 10 companies) reached 44%, of which Proya, Sushuo Meili, BioMESO and other Chinese brands with top-selling products out of the circle one after another, accelerating the concentration of the industry.

In terms of offline channels, from July 2021 to June 2022, the eye care products from the CS channel sold a total of 2.199 million units, with a monthly average sales volume of 183,300 units. Among the period, with the highest sales amount of 230,000 units in November 2021 and the lowest in February 2022 with only 149,000 units. From the aspect of sales revenue, total sales in the past year were 330 million yuan, with average monthly sales of around 27.5 million yuan. Corresponding to the sales amount was the highest sales revenue in November 2021, which amounted to 34.45 million yuan.

Thirty percent of consumers have not used eye care products

From the point of view of the consumers who participated in the research, the demand for eye care is still dominated by women, with 62% of the consumers surveyed being female and 38% male. From the age distribution, the 90s generation is the largest users of eye care, and the 00s generation is growing fast.

The report shows that current consumers have a low awareness of eye care products, with only 66% of consumers having used eye care products, much lower than the popularity of facial care products such as lotions and essences. By gender, more than 70% of women will maintain the habit of buying and using eye care products, and women in first-tier cities are more aware of eye care skincare and have a higher relative purchase penetration rate.

Eye Care Products in China have more excellent potential for Development

Although the eye care market is still dominated by overseas brands, Chinese brands have made significant efforts in this area in recent years, with 36% of consumers more willing to purchase Chinese eye care products.

The creation of representative products for eye care brands is self-evident, very professional and technological products can enhance the brand's recognition among consumers, and differentiated product positioning can bring a long momentum for brand development.
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