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Do you know that New brands become the new highlight of consumption

More than 40% of consumers prefer to buy local Chinese hydration products

Content of the Report

Chap.1 Overview of Moisturizing Market
  1. Definition&Development Course

  2. Main Moisturizing Ingredients

  3. Market Scale

  4. Filing of Moisturizing Efficacy

Chap. 2 Trends and Sales Online
  1. Baidu Index

  2. Trends on Xiaohongshu

  3. Online Sales

Chap. 3 The layout of Moisturizing Products on CS Channel
  1. Overview of Sales Data of Moisturizing Category on CS channels

  2. Breakdown of data by brand

  3. Analysis on Moisturizing Category in

  4. Cosmetics Stores

Chap. 4 Marketing Analysis on Moisturizing Brands
  1. Brand Positioning

  2. Hot Moisturizing Products

  3. Operation of Brands

Chap 5. Consumer Demand and Consumer Buying Behavior
  1. Sampling Portrait

  2. High Popularity of Moisturizing Products

  3. Demand Analysis

  4. Preference Analysis

Chap 6. Future Development of Moisturizing Category
  1. Significant up in Heat Moisturizing Filing under New

  2. “Refinement” more Competitive, Consumer Upgrading to Drive New Growth

  3. Offline Channels to “Homogenization”, Brand to Help Stores to Improve Performance

  4. Adopt Star Single Product Strategy Taking into Account Diversified Marketing

The market scale of the hydration and moisturizing category is bound to usher in a new quantum

The report shows that, in 2021, the market share of hydrating and moisturizing cosmetics reached 68%, with an annual growth rate of over 12%, and the retail scale of the Chinese hydration and moisturizing market has exceeded 89 billion yuan (about $13.013 billion). With the increase in the size of the cosmetics market, the market scale of the hydration and moisturizing category is bound to usher in a new quantum.

The report shows that more than 40% of consumers prefer to buy local Chinese hydration products. And the offline hydration production market shows a prosperous scene on the surface, but in essence, competition has intensified and serious homogenization issues. Many new brands choose a large single product strategy, taking into account diversified marketing.

From the research on consumers' recent causes of skin dehydration, dryness and peeling, it is found that 70% are due to weather, and personal work and rest reasons also account for a large proportion, which shows that skin hydration and moisturizing are a long-term care process.

40% of consumers tend to buy local Chinese brands

According to the report, international and local Chinese brands are evenly matched in the market share of hydrating skin care products, with more than 40% of consumers preferring to buy local Chinese hydrating products.

From the brands of hydration products that consumers have used, it was found that CHANDO ranked first with 44%, followed by L'Oreal, and Proya and OSM ranked third and fourth respectively. In addition to the brands listed, consumers have also used hydration products from brands including Pechoin, Hanajirushi, Freda, Sulwhasoo, OLAY, Herborist, and Winona.

The offline channel "homogenization" issue is serious

In the first quarter of 2022, offline consumption was curbed by the recurring pandemic across China, and sales amount and sales revenue of the hydrating and moisturizing category in the offline channel declined. Specifically, sales revenue of hydrating and moisturizing products in the first quarter of 2022 were 190 million yuan (approximately $27.78 million) and sales units reached 3.976 million, both less than half of that in the first and second quarter of 2021.

The report shows that 15% of the stores prefer to maintain the current hydration product structure, not to consider the introduction of new products. Also, there are a number of stores on the fence, not yet sure of the introduction plan. The stores that are already planning to introduce new hydration and moisturizing products have their eyes on the essence and original liquid.

Diversified marketing, new brands become new highlights

Under the large single product strategy, brands mostly choose to concentrate resources to make a high potential SKU into a pop-up product, followed by the company's products from 1 to N, with new customers overlapping the continuous cognitive renewal and repurchase of old customers, driving the growth of the entire brand.

As brands and channels enhance consumer education and consumer awareness of independent consumption, hydration products will undoubtedly become more normalized in consumer skincare activities.
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