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2022 Market Report on Perfume Products in China

The perfume and fragrance market is a growing sector in China as the economic level and individual wealth increase. Chinese are using perfumes in more situations. This report highlights the overall fragrance market, trends of the market, leading brands, consumer behaviour and prediction of future development for this niche market.

Content of the Report

Chap.1 Fragrance Market
  1. History of Fragrance and Main Notes
  2. Overview of Market Size
Chap. 2 Trends on Fragrance Market
  1. Hedonic onBeauty Economy Grow and Fragrance Market Burst
  2. Strategy of High-Growth Brands
Chap. 3 Marketing of Brands
  1. Online Channels

  2. Offline Channels

Chap. 4 Consumer Demand and Consumer Buying Behavior
  1. Sampling Portrait

  2. Demand Analysis

  3. Suggestion to Consumers

  4. Summary on Research of Consumers

Chap 5. Future Development
  1. Reach to Consumer’s Mind in Multiple Aspects to Create Emotional Resonance
  2. Brands should Explore Diversified Demand of Fragrances
  3. Chinese Brands should Focus on Traditional Oriental Fragrance
  4. Offline Experience Boosts Consumer-Brand Relationships

Chinese perfume brands cover 56% of the consumer market, and international brands are entering in succession

According to the report, the Chinese perfume market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.5% during 2021-2025, far exceeding the global perfume market's CAGR of 7%. The scale of the Chinese perfume market is projected to reach 16.9 billion yuan in 2022, and by 2025, its retail sales revenue of it is expected to achieve 30 billion yuan, which is hopefully to become the second largest market in the world.

The report also shows that Chinese perfume brands cover 56% of the consumer market, and fragrance products in China ushered in the rapid development of the industry. The international giants enter the Chinese market, Chinese brands should pay attention to traditional oriental scents. Chinese perfume brands cover 56% of the consumer market

The proportion of perfumes used on important occasions is over 60%

According to the report, only under 6% of consumers never use perfume. In addition, nearly 6% of them use perfume more than once a day, and the rest of the frequency range is relatively evenly distributed.

In terms of usage scenarios, the proportion of perfumes used on important occasions such as dinner banquets is over 60%, and the proportion when receiving special people also reaches 54%. And most consumers believe that perfume is a "self-pleasing" product, the use of perfume can improve the quality of life.

The perfume market is heating up as the self-pleasing economy grows

According to the report, With the improvement of living standards and consumption-ability of residents, the ability and demand for self-pleasing consumption are also rising, and the perfume market as a self-pleasing consumption has also exploded. In Xiaohongshu, the topic of "perfume" has more than 157 million views, and the number of views of "perfume sharing" has also reached 156 million times. In Tiktok China, the play volume of the topic of "perfume" has exceeded 13.5 billion times, and that of the topic of "perfume complex" is also nearly 1.3 billion times.

In the online channel, sales vary by platform. In Tiktok China, pricing within 100 yuan is more popular, and Chinese perfume brands are welcomed on the platform. The market share of international big brand perfumes on Tiktok China is not considered high, which provides Chinese brands and niche imported perfume brands more room for development. Detach from the fierce competition of the Ali system-related and JD platforms where big brands are entered, Chinese perfume brands have found a new market growth point in Live broadcast of Tiktok China. In addition, the sales of perfume products in Kwai mainly rely on the head anchor. And recommended marketing of well-known international brands of perfume is more popular in Xiaohongshu.

Imported brands to enter the traditional oriental incense market

According to the report, In the past two years, international beauty and investment groups have received frequent attention to investment and financing of fragrance brands. In 2021, LVMH acquired the French luxury perfume brand Buly 1803. And this year, Puig, which owns well-known perfume brands such as Penhaligon's and L'Artisan Parfumeur, has once again made an effort to acquire the Swedish fragrance brand Byredo.

Data show that only LVMH, Chanel, Coty, L'Oreal, and Estee Lauder Group's perfume brands occupy nearly 60% of the Chinese perfume market, the international big brands are still the mainstream of the Chinese consumer market.
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